About Us

Podkovan is a Czech company that specializes in natural water and classic Czech beer. Our current focus is on expanding sales of our products in Czech Republic and abroad.

Company Podkováň s.r.o. owns and runs the Podkovan Brewery. Our history dates back to 1434, when according to historical sources, the monks of the lords of Kováň began using the brewery. For over seven centuries, Podkovan has been producing fantastic beer thanks to the locally-sourced spring water and the skills of local artisans. This natural water is currently certified Czech Republic’s Ministry of Health as suitable for new-born’s consumption.

Between 2007 and 2011, Podkovan had undergone major restoration efforts, most extensive in its history. With brand new Czech equipment alongside a Bavarian copper kettle, the process of brewing beer began anew. Our various classic beers come in KEG barrels, glass and PET bottles. To find out more about our assortment of flavours, please check out our classic beer section.

Alongside our beer range, Podkovan offers highest-quality still and sparkling water: “Kovanecky Pramen” in 0.5L and 1.5L PET bottles, and the new-born’s “Kovanecka-Kojenecka” line with the same volumes. To find out more, check out our spring water section.